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intuitive healer * Author

Alyssa Ditch


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What I do

Intuitive Healing and Mentoring,

Bach Flower Essence Therapy (for children and adults)

Intuitive Breath and Movement Healing  

     I am a dancer, intuitive energy healer, author and medium, who is passionate about helping people heal, find self-balance and purpose in life.  Through open and honest conversation, I offer guidance and energy work to assist you on your journey. My remote and in-person sessions support and guide you into a life filled with greater love and purpose. I provide a safe and caring connection through which you may receive, heal, discover and balance. 

What to Expect


Conversation happens, hearts open, healing takes place. There is growth and a sense of feeling lighter and more peaceful. This is a safe place for you to be vulnerable. This is a healing space where things that no longer serve you will be uncovered and given the opportunity to be released. Releasing happens through intention, openness, acknowledgement, acceptance and moving forward. When you are willing to do the work your life will change dramatically.


I provide guidance using intuitive abilities, energy work, flower essence therapy and/or movement for:


*finding purpose

*mindfulness practice

*learning to understand signs and Spiritual communication

*intuitive mentoring



It is because of Alyssa on my journey, I started to heal myself, release myself of toxic people, wanted to feel healthier and whole again. I was suffering emotional trauma horribly when she came into my life. One session changed my course on my path, everything to where I am today. I got rid of the couch and I got the dog! 

- AMY 

My serendipidous meeting with Alyssa brings many adjectives to mind: healing, enlightening, insightful, compassionate, and even professional; however a noun that fits the experience the best:

a gift!


I met Alyssa on a chance encounter at a group meditation event where she gave me a word that she received regarding me that was very poignant.  We had never spoken previously and she knew nothing of my life or journey and yet the word she gave me was a great confirmation to me regarding my spiritual progress that I have been undergoing the past few years.  For the record, I’m one who exercises extreme caution regarding “spiritual words” and so called “giftings” but I quickly recognized her as having a genuine gift.  A few days later I met with her for a private Reiki session and her word and reading was further confirmation of that gift.  I will not go into great detail but I will say that I have been having a physical ailment which is not visibly apparent, that only my parents and a few close friends are privy to, and she accurately received word about it as well which she disclosed to me.  She is very encouraging and her presence is peaceful, extremely graceful, light, and balanced, and she is an incredible resource for guidance and to help align with “Source”.  She is without a doubt as advertised (and more) and I encourage anyone who happens to be brought to her to embark on their journey to begin implementing the healing that they richly deserve and need.  I’m very blessed to have met her! 

- BRAD  

‘’I just wanted to say “Thank You”. Alyssa is a rare find. Through my healing session with her, I not only came alive again but I came to discover myself for the very first time. Your open heart, intuition and finely tuned skills to understand and feel have been a wonderful recipe for a positive outcome in my life. If you want true equanimity, authentic presence and joyful warmth to your healing process, I highly recommend Alyssa’’


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