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 Intuitive Energy Healer 

     I am an intuitive healer, writer and an ordained energy worker/reiki practitioner. I am also a mother of three, professional dancer and aerialist/acrobat. I love learning, reading, writing and helping others heal. I practice love and kindness to all creatures and living simply with gratitude. I work on my own self-balance and living with peace everyday...and it is a daily practice that ebbs and flows! I feel passionately about healthy living, exercise, and taking care of the planet. We are here to learn, evolve and help each other live with unconditional love. To me, this is one of life's most difficult practices that requires a strong sense of self-love and self-worth. I believe we can all achieve this by supporting one another in the best way we can and encouraging individual gifts and abilities, especially in the lives of children. From my heart to yours, I believe in, honor and respect the Divine Light that shines brightly in you. With Light and Love from my heart to yours.

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