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What does it mean to be masculine? These eleven men thorught they knew, following in the footsteps of their fathers, marching to society's drumbeat of manhood. A man is strong. A man doesn't cry. A man is the provider. A man does it alone... in the course of their lives, each of these very different men foudn this same rigid idea of manhood standing between them and their happiness. Standing between them and being a fully realized man. Standing between them and their relationships. Standing between them and their heart's path. Instead of building them up and making them stronger, they found themselves chained and isolated by these standards of masculinity.

     In these soulful interviews conducted by intuitive healer and author, Alyssa Ditch, these eleven men candidly share their ascent into becoming real men: from heartache to healing, failure to truimph. Join her as she dives into the hearts of these eleven brave men to understand how these fully-realized men had cast away society's limitations on "masculinity", rising to become better men for themselves, their families and their communities. Learn the tools and techniques that worked for each of them on their journey to self-discovery. Be inspired by the example they set for all men, as it makes us think anew... "What is healthy masculinity?"  

Men Rising, The Healthy Masculine

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